Dog Reunited With Owners After Vanishing Into Ravine on Welsh Hillside

A dog in South Wales was reunited with its owners on the evening of July 29 after it was hoisted out of a deep ravine it had fallen into earlier that day, rescuers said.

Longtown Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) said “a young Labrador, Carla, had fallen quite a way down a deep but narrow slip and was resting on a ledge.”

The five-person team set up a rope system, examined the hole and, realizing they would need help, called on the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team.

“In a great example of teams working together, we were able to set up a suitable and safe rope system to get one of the cave specialists down to her, and though it was very narrow near the bottom, he was able to secure Carla, allowing us to haul them both back to surface,” Longtown MRT wrote on Facebook.

“After a quick check over, Carla was given some water, dog treats and cold chips before being handed over to her very relieved owner with her tail wagging,” the rescue team said. Credit: Longtown MRT via Storyful

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