Dog reunited with family after 17 days stranded in Big Bear during California storms

A pet dog was reunited with its family after surviving for 17 days during intense winter storms in the California mountains.

Marlee got loose and escaped after being in the backseat of her owner’s car when it was involved in a crash caused by black ice near the ski resort of Big Bear, according to FOX11.

The area has been buried in feet of snow after a string of storms with a state of emergency declared in the area and the California National Guard mobilized.

Marlee and owner Lizbeth (FOX11)
Marlee and owner Lizbeth (FOX11)

The Berzinski family, who got Marlee as a puppy two years ago, put up fliers around Big Bear to try and find their lost dog.

Marlee, a brindle boxer/American bulldog mix was eventually spotted by a homeowner on their Ring surveillance camera, with the dog returning to the home each evening to eat food that was left outside for animals.

But she proved hard to catch until the son of an animal rescue enthusiast put on snowshoes and was able to track the dog and finally bring her in with the help of some chicken.

Now she is back with the family after surviving through some of the worst winter weather ever to hit Southern California.

Jenny Shelton says she has been rescuing animals in the area, which is around 100 miles east of Los Angeles, for thirty years and was “obsessed” with finding Marlee.

“The story is to never give up,” she told FOX11.