Dog Rescued After Being Swept Into Storm Drain in Southern California

A dog was rescued after being swept into a storm drain in San Bernardino, California, on Monday, January 16, according to San Bernardino County Fire.

The post said the dog, a one-year-old Australian shepherd named Seamus, was swept away in the fast-moving waters of a flood-control basin after running away from his owner on a walk.

Seamus’s owner told local news, “He got away from me and he just went down into this drainage. The water was going so fast I think all it took was one paw in that water and he was gone.”

Firefighters said concerned witnesses helped them locate Seamus in an access tube.

Footage shared online shows Seamus in the access tube and later being reunited with his owners. The post said Seamus seemed uninjured and in good spirits when the firefighters found him. Credit: San Bernardino County Fire via Storyful

Video transcript

- I don't see him anymore!

- Tell me exactly what happened.

- There's a hole in the fence along the bike path that runs along this creek channel. And he ran down there. And before I could do anything, he was just gone!

- Could you just listen to that?

- I hear one dog about 10 feet down, not in the swift water. He's in a drain pipe.

- Rescue 31 dog's been rescued. You can cancel the request for county supplemental and release the [INAUDIBLE].

- All right, copy.

- Thank you so much.

- A long story, we'll show you the pictures. But we got your friend.


- Oh, yeah.

- He's a little dirty. He's all wet.

- Oh, ho, ho, Seamus.


- He is one lucky dog, I'll tell you that.

- Oh, lucky.

- He's got some fight in him.

- Thanks so much.

- OK. OK. OK.

- I was so happy.

- OK. Let's put your leash on. Oh, my god.

- I have-- I can't even tell you. But he was down in a storm drain that crossed the main river by-- do you know where the Loop Barn, in that area?