Dog Rescued After Being Found Hiding in Small Cutout on Side of Mountain in Arizona

A hiker spotted the 2-year-old Shar-Pei mix and waited with her for nearly two hours until Arizona Humane Society rescuers arrived

<p>Arizona Humane Society</p> Bright Eyes

Arizona Humane Society

Bright Eyes

A dog was saved from a near-death situation thanks to a kind-hearted hiker.

On April 24, Arizona Humane Society (AHS) dispatchers received a call about a canine in distress who was spotted by the good Samaritan hiding in a small, rocky cutout on the side of Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, according to a release from the animal organization.

The hiker stayed with the dog, a 2-year-old Shar-Pei mix named Bright Eyes, for almost two hours until two AHS emergency animal medical technicians, Tracey Miiller and Ruthie Jesus, arrived at the site to help. At the time of her rescue, Bright Eyes was in dire condition. A quick medical assessment revealed that the dog was "dangerously dehydrated" and injured with cuts on her paws and a wound in her hind end.

<p>Arizona Humane Society</p> Bright Eyes, who was rescued in Arizona.

Arizona Humane Society

Bright Eyes, who was rescued in Arizona.

The animal was so weak that Miiller and Jesus had to take turns carrying her down the mountain to the waiting ambulance. After being transported to AHS’ Lazin Animal Foundation Trauma Hospital, Bright Eyes received fluids, antibiotics and pain medication, and was also treated for stomach issues.

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AHS said in the release that they don't know exactly how long the resilient canine was in the mountain cutout or how she ended up there. "If not for the quick thinking of a good Samaritan and two AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technicians jumping into action to save the pup, chances are she would not have survived much longer," the organization said.

<p>Arizona Humane Society</p> Bright Eyes gets medical attention.

Arizona Humane Society

Bright Eyes gets medical attention.

She was given the name Bright Eyes because the hiker only happened to spot the dog in her hiding spot due to her amber-colored eyes as she blended into her surroundings.

"She literally is the same color as the dirt," Jesus said in a video taken by AHS shortly after the rescue. "She blended in so much."

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Jesus recalled that Bright Eyes was a bit scared at first and reluctant to go with her rescuers.

"She was really sweet in letting me pet her head, but she absolutely did not want to come out of that den," she said. "So, we kind of just had to pull her out."

<p>Arizona Humane Society</p> A rescuer carries Bright Eyes down the mountain.

Arizona Humane Society

A rescuer carries Bright Eyes down the mountain.

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"Once we got her out, she was so thirsty. We gave her some water from our water bottles that we brought," Jesus continued of Bright Eyes' condition. "She could walk but she actually had torn paw pads on her two front feet and a laceration on her hind end. And honestly, she was just too weak."

Jesus said the animal appeared calm and relaxed as she made the journey down the mountain with the rescuers. "It was a very teeny, tiny rocky trail that was pretty slick and so Tracey and I took turns carrying her down the mountain and she was just an absolute angel," she recounted.

<p>Arizona Humane Society</p> “She was just an absolute angel.”

Arizona Humane Society

“She was just an absolute angel.”

Bright Eyes is currently recovering from her ordeal at AHS' facility.

"This was just an absolute high for me," Jesus said of the animal's successful rescue. "We were so elated to be able to get her [off the mountain]. Again, she was just so dehydrated and I think she'd probably been up there several days and that was probably her last day. This good Samaritan really saved her life."

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