Dog and owner rescued by lifeboat after getting stranded on rocks

A dog and its owner were rescued by a lifeboat after becoming stranded on some rocks in Wales.

The RNLI despatched its Dr Barbara Saunderson lifeboat at 5.16am on Saturday morning after receiving reports of a female dog walker getting stuck on rock armour at Rhos on Sea.

She became stranded after her dog ran off on to the rocks, forcing her to chase after it, the RNLI said.

The woman suffered minor cuts and bruises and began shouting for attention when she realised she was surrounded by water, the charity added.

The lifeboat reached her at 5.30am despite strong winds.

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An RNLI spokesperson said in a statement on its Facebook page: "The incoming tide can catch so many people out.

"The woman this morning had noticed she was in trouble, knew that the rock armour that she was on wouldn't become fully submerged and made the right decision to call for help rather than attempting to self-rescue."

The woman and dog were taken on board the boat and the Llandudno Coastguard took over their care after they were brought to shore.