Dog Missing For Nearly a Year Reunites With Family in Gustine, California

A lost dog was reunited with his family in Gustine, California, after nearly a year missing.

Footage uploaded to Facebook by the Gustine Police Department shows rhe dog, Rocky, frantically wagging his tail while being returned to his owners, the Maldonado family.

According to the police department, Rocky had gone missing in early January. “The devastated family looked far and wide and had given up hope after being unable to find the white Maltese,” wrote the police department. “Thankfully they paid a bit extra to ‘chip’ Rocky with an ID.”

“Officer Staten captured the stray today in Gustine and after checking for a chip, which is her standard practice, found the owners information and contacted them by phone. The family was in shock thinking he was gone forever. Today Rocky went home with a very happy Maldonado family, great job Vicki!” Credit: Gustine Police Department via Storyful