Dog Meets Friendly Humpbacks on Whale-Watching Tour in Monterey Bay

An excited Australian shepherd had a close encounter with two humpback whales while on a whale-watching tour off the coast of Monterey, California, on October 31.

Nancy Black, a marine biologist and captain of Monterey Bay Whale Watch, brought her one-year-old dog, Skipper, along on one of her whale watching tours when two humpback whales approached the boat and swam around the vessel for a few hours. The whales hung around so close that Skipper could smell their “stinky” breath, Black told Storyful.

“He was enthralled with the whales being so close as he hung his head near the rail, ears alert and tail wagging,” Black said. “Given a chance, he would have jumped in!” she added. Credit: Monterey Bay Whale Watch via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh!


- Skipper, look. Skipper.


- Whoa, they're both right there. Whoo! Whoa!


- Hey, buddy.