Dog Lost for Two Weeks in Mountains Brought to Safety by Hikers

A pair of hikers came to the rescue of a missing dog in the Wicklow Mountains along Ireland’s east coast on February 6, after the dog had been reported missing two weeks earlier.

Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois Bonnet found the dog, a golden retriever named Neesha, near the summit of a peak before Bonnet carried her back down the mountain on his back.

Nolan captured footage of the rescue before Bonnet posted it on TikTok the following day.

According to RTE News, the dog was out walking with its owners and another family pet in the area when it ran off after a deer, and failed to return.

Speaking to Storyful, Bonnet said, “She was near the summit, covered in snow, freezing cold, couldn’t stand or bark, and covered in wounds on her legs.”

He added, “We dressed her in our spare clothes and carried her down the mountain for about 10 kilometers.” Credit: Ciara Nolan via Storyful