This dog got reunited with owners after 3 years

A heart-warming video shows the black Labrador walking out of a shelter, cautiously greeting her dog 'mom' Debra Mejeur and wagging her tail the moment she appears to recognize her.

"It took her about a minute before she approached me. She gave me a small sniff. She then gave me a little lick on my forehead and that's when she knew." Debra Mejeur told Reuters.

Lola can then be seen running to say hello to her dog 'dad' Steve Mejeur who captures the video of the moving reunion.

Lola got lost while they were visiting friends as she somehow managed to escape from their chain-link fenced backyard, Debra Mejeur said.

On December 3 Debra Mejeur was notified by the microchip company that Lola has been found and staying at a shelter in Illinois and the family was reunited on December 5.

"It was like a dream", Debra Mejeur told Reuters. "We had been living the last few years as if she had passed and here she was!" she added.