Dog finds regular feeding spot, returns to local US sandwich shop every evening for food

Sylvia Looi
Subway Sally waits patiently in front of the chain sandwich shop to be fed by its workers. ― Screenshot via The Uplift

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 ― For the past year, a dog at Portales, New Mexico, US has been presenting herself at a chain sandwich shop to wait for food.

Shop employee Giovanni Luhman recently decided to shoot a 1.42 minute video of the dog and posted it on social media.

In the video which has since gone viral with millions of views, workers would give the dog, now named Subway Sally, slices of meat served on a piece of sandwich wrap paper.

A background voice, believed to be Luhman, could be heard explaining that if shop workers were slow in feeding Sally, the dog would just cross the road to another chain fast food restaurant and wait to be fed.

Speaking to US television and radio service CBS News, Luhman said he did not expect his video to go viral.

“I thought it would be cute to post her online,” he said.

Luhman added that he lived in a very poor town, and more often than not, people can't afford to pay for pet food.

Following his interaction with Sally, Luhman said he was now inspired to start a local pet food drive “to help low income families in hopes that their pets won't end up on the streets because they can't be taken care of.”

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