Dog Cuddles Up With Sick Fawn Found Under Owner's Trailer

An 11-year-old husky-retriever mix struck up an unlikely friendship with an ill fawn found under a trailer on its owner’s property last week.

Tennessee-based musician Pat Pollifrone said he and his dog Zoey stumbled across an ill young fawn taking refuge underneath his utility trailer on June 24.

Speaking to Storyful, Pollifrone said the fawn looked “extremely weak and sick” and had ticks all over her eyes. After he sought advice from a local farmer, Pollifrone pulled over 30 ticks off the fawn’s right eye, applied some Neosporin, and fed it some goat milk formula.

While caring for the fawn, Zoey cuddled up to and helped clean the fawn’s fur. “I have never seen Zoey care for a creature or human the way she took care of the fawn,” Pollifrone said.

Pollifrone said he contacted a goat farm who agreed to take the fawn, aptly named Bambi. Sadly, the fawn died while Pollifrone was driving it to the farm, he said.

“The light in this story is the bond between two unlikely friends,” Pollifrone said.

“Zoey, a dog that has spent most of her outdoor life chasing these majestic white tail deer through the woods of Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee, who found one and treated it like one of her own,” he added. Credit: Pat Pollifrone via Storyful

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