Dog Among Victims Rescued After Deadly Strike Hits Apartments in Mykolaiv

A Labrador was rescued from the fourth floor of an apartment building in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, after it was damaged in a deadly missile strike on Wednesday, June 29.

“Will our boys leave someone in trouble, even if this ‘someone’ has a tail?” wrote Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES) on Facebook.

Footage posted by the SES shows rescuers using a cradle crane to reach the dog. Through a damaged window box, the dog is gently led into the cradle before being lowered to the ground.

Officials said the dog was “terribly scared” about entering the cradle, but was encouraged thanks to a few friendly pets and a gentle pull from crew members.

Three people were killed and five injured when the apartment building was struck by a missile on Wednesday morning, according to Vitaly Kim, head of the Mykolayiv Regional Military Administration. Credit: SES Ukraine via Storyful

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