Dog Adopted by Player After Invading Bolivian Soccer Pitch

A dog whose appearance during a soccer match in Bolivia on December 24 went viral has been adopted by the player who carried him off the pitch, after he heard the dog had been struck by a vehicle and was being cared for in a shelter.

Television footage captured the dog, nicknamed Cachito after going viral in Bolivia, romping on the pitch while chewing on a boot during a match between The Strongest, also known as Tigre, and Nacional Potosí at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz.

Página Siete, a daily newspaper in the Bolivian capital, reported that Cachito had stolen the boot from Nacional Potosí’s substitute goalkeeper, who failed to recover it before Cachito ran onto the pitch.

The dog was eventually lifted up and carried off by Tigre player Raúl Castro, who reportedly handed him to a police officer.

Two days later, animal rescuers reported that Cachito had been struck by a vehicle and injured in central La Paz, and was being cared for at a shelter in the city’s Chasquipampa neighborhood.

Raúl Castro, who had carried the dog off the pitch during the match, heard the news of Cachito’s injury, called the shelter, and offered to adopt the dog, Página Siete reported. Credit: Sports TV Rights SRL via Storyful