Dog abandoned by owner in Ipoh is saved by good samaritan during Covid-19 shutdown

Sylvia Looi
Siggy was saved from a road at Ipoh and is now waiting to be sent to her new home after the movement control order ends. — Photo via Facebook/ Lionel Keith Vytialingam

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 2 — An Ipoh man has been hailed by social media users for saving an abandoned dog that was found with a note attached around its neck.

Taking to his Facebook, Lionel Keith Vytialingam wrote that he was getting his groceries when he saw the dog running aimlessly at Jalan Canning Estate in Canning Garden, Ipoh.

Lionel said upon seeing the dog, he got into his car to follow the dog before stopping by the side of the road.

“Thank goodness she chose to walk towards me, away from the middle of the road. She had a soggy note folded up n tied around her neck. I tried not to move at all to maybe gain her trust,” he wrote, adding that the dog stood still for about 10 minutes to watch him.

“She finally approached me from the back, sniffed, then walked around to face me. I asked her if I could look at her note.

“By this time she had formed the most intense, most pleading eye contact with me from under her matted fringe. I unhooked the note, opened it up and read it right there crouched by the roadside,” he shared, hoping the note would contain the owner’s contact number or address. 

The note that was attached on Siggy's neck. — Photo via Facebook/ Lionel Keith Vytialingam

However, upon reading the note, Lionel started crying as it showed the dog, a five-year-old goldendoodle, had indeed been abandoned.

Lionel then decided to bring the dog, named Siggy by its previous owner, back to his home where he fed and showered her.

Lionel reminded the people not to get a pet unless they are ready to commit and not governed by mood swings.

“Please do not do not DO NOT abandon/leave/disown/un-own/’release’/’FREE’ your pets onto the streets. Reach out and ask for help, and speak up if you’re desperate, use the internet if u can, call a friend maybe,” he added.

Lionel’s post had since been shared 1,500 times and had received 2,400 reactions.

In his latest update, Lionel wrote that Siggy would be adopted by his brother in Kuala Lumpur after the movement control order (MCO) is lifted.

Dee Loke commented that not all heroes wear capes.

“But you deserve one, boyo!”

Panda Pac wrote she was very upset by what’s written on the note.

“It is really a very irresponsible thing to do. I shudder to think of what might happen if Siggy hadn’t found you and was still roaming the streets. For whatever reasons the owner DOES NOT need to resort to this action of letting the poor dog go on her own. I hope whoever it is gets to read your post and reflect on his actions."

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