Does ‘Lightyear’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

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Pixar’s “Lightyear,” a crackerjack sci-fi adventure that just so happens to be the movie that Andy once fell in love with before the events of the first “Toy Story,” is bristling with oversized action sequences, lovable characters (we would die for Sox, Buzz’s robot cat BFF) and an array of fun callbacks to the “Toy Story” franchise.

In “Lightyear,” Buzz (now voiced by Chris Evans) is a Space Ranger in a far-flung corner of uncharted space. While exploring a planet for possible habitation, he midjudges, leaving him and the rest of the colonists marooned on a desolate world full of treacherous vines and a very nasty alien bug species. Buzz makes desperate attempt after desperate attempt to leave the planet, but each time he does, everyone else ages while he stays the same age. During his last attempt, he comes back to a very different world, one inhabited by a strange robot race and lorded over by the evil Emperor Zurg (you know the one)!

There’s so much action, in fact, that it’s hard to contain in the actual runtime of the movie. But does “Lightyear” have a credits scene?

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The answer is a resounding yes!

In fact, there are three “Lightyear” post-credits scenes. And to watch all three you are going to have to stick around to the very, very end of the movie, past the Pixar logo.

To explain: there’s one scene that happens fairly early on and is more of a joke than anything; there’s another one down the line that is also more joke-y in nature (it has the same energy as the “Monsters University” post-credits scene, for those who are really in the weeds); and then there is a third scene, after all of the credits, that is actually fairly shocking and could point to the future of the “Lightyear” franchise, should it continue.

So yes, there are plenty of “Lightyear” post-credits scenes, so sit back, relax, soak up that gorgeous Michael Giacchino score, see all the talented people who made the movie (mostly from their bedrooms) and then get lovely little extra bits.

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