What does Jimmy Garoppolo’s restructured deal mean for Trey Lance, 49ers?

In this edition of You Pod To Win The Game, Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab talk about Jimmy G’s new deal with the 49ers, including how this could potentially impact Trey Lance moving forward.

Video transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Finally, mercifully we get an answer to the Jimmy Garoppolo situation. Jimmy G reworks his contract down to one year, becomes the highest paid backup quarterback, potentially, in the NFL-- $6.5 million guaranteed, looks like $9 million to $10 million in incentives if he ultimately ends up being a starting quarterback in San Francisco. I know what Frank's initial thought was the second he heard this, I just want him to repeat it. Go ahead. What did they do here?

FRANK SCHWAB: What? They just messed with Trey Lance, my guy.


FRANK SCHWAB: What are they-- what are they-- seriously, though. I mean, I know I've been on this Trey Lance bandwagon, but I don't know how it does you any good to have Jimmy Garoppolo over his shoulder as the highest paid backup, potentially, in league history or whatever it is. I don't know. I just think that for Trey Lance coming into his second year, and they kind of handed him the keys and they're like, well, he's the guy, I think that totally undermines him. I really do.

I think that this-- now Kyle Shanahan doesn't just have the itch anymore. It's like, OK, if Trey Lance struggles we're just going to go back to this guy who was, what, 30 and 12 as a starter for them. Whatever his record is. It's pretty gaudy. I just don't-- I honestly don't like this as far as-- and I get it. Like, you could make a counterargument of, well, hey, look this is the most important position. Jimmy Garoppolo has won a lot of games. We don't know what Trey Lance is. He was up and down in the preseason. I get all that.

But at the end of the day, I would just-- I just wanted to see them really commit to Trey Lance and not have him look over his shoulder all the time. I just think this is bad for a young guy to have this constantly above his head, of, hey, if I throw an interception here Jimmy G is coming into the game.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Look, it's hard for me to disagree. The guy remaining in the building is not a problem for Trey Lance-- like, to me it has to be because everyone knows, regardless what the money is-- that's the funny thing is, it's like, well, look at the money. The money sends the sign that Trey is the starter and Jimmy G is the best-- players don't give a [BLEEP] about the money at that point. You know what they care about? They care about winning. So if there's a problem-- like you said, if Trey Lance struggles they're not going to look at Jimmy G and go, man, he's only making $6.5 million. We can't put that guy in. No, man. They're going to be like, bro, get him--

FRANK SCHWAB: They're going to be like, hey, remember the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game when we were up 17 to 7? We know we could go pretty far with that guy.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah. I mean, it just doesn't-- for Trey Lance alone it's problematic. For the franchise itself, I am wondering in my mind if you make that decision because you go, OK, we don't know with Trey Lance. Like we don't-- and yes, it's--

FRANK SCHWAB: It has to be right. Charles, that has to be part of the mindset.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I feel like it is.

FRANK SCHWAB: Like, at least that's the message. That the message is, oh no, he didn't blow up in the preseason like we thought and he was and training camp didn't go exactly as planned. We need Jimmy G back. Let's figure-- it just sends the message of Trey ain't ready. And I don't--

CHARLES ROBINSON: But what if that is an accurate message? What if Trey isn't ready?

FRANK SCHWAB: Could be. Could be. I don't know, but how do you know until you get in the games? I don't know. Let him play against the Bears in Week 1. Let's see what happens. Let's--


FRANK SCHWAB: Let's let him--

CHARLES ROBINSON: But he will, Frank. I mean, they're going to sort this out. They're going to--



FRANK SCHWAB: You're inviting a controversy. You are bringing it into your house.


FRANK SCHWAB: Anytime Trey Lance throws an interception or makes a mistake or you have a scoreless quarter or anything like that, he's a young guy. He's what? 23 years old, whatever. Like, Jimmy G-- we know who Jimmy G is. Jimmy G is middle-ish quarterback, right? He's an accurate-- yes, they've won a ton of games with him, more because of the guys around him than Jimmy G. He's fine, but maybe Trey Lance maybe unlocks an opportunity to do something better. You traded the world to go get this guy at number three. Give him a chance to succeed. And I don't know necessarily that they are with this, but you're right. I guess if-- if you're out on Trey Lance? I don't know. I'm just confused by this.