How to Get Doe Eyes in 5 Easy Steps

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From cat to puppy, animal-inspired looks are a makeup mainstay—and doe eyes are the ideal option for those after a similarly wide-eyed aesthetic. "Doe eyes are the ultimate Bambi, dolly, round eyes," says makeup artist Jo Baker. "When you think of the opposite, it would be predatory feline, sharp and focused — a synched and elongated style of makeup. Doe eyes are that innocent round shape that feels more like pretty prey."

A scroll through TikTok reveals tutorials featuring rounded eyes and ample lashes, a soft and sweet antithesis to the more sultry siren or feline eye. "Doe-eyed makeup creates a more rounded, awake eye vs. sleepy, sexy eye," says makeup artist Melanie Inglessis. Though doe eyes rely on liner for maximum impact, keeping things wingless is key. "This is about creating a roundness," says Baker. Avoid any tendencies toward blending products up rather than out.

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While the ultimate doe eyes reference is definitely down to deer, the look also evokes thoughts of past eras and enduring pop culture trends. "I think of the ultimate eras that inspired this look, and it feels like styles from '60s and tones from '70s," says Baker. "Twiggy (the original and ultimate beauty icon) and Cher had the best lash looks that were less London edgy and more about supreme groove glamour." Inglessis agrees, citing the exaggerated and eye-opening lashes and graphic sockets of the '60s, along with the big-eyed illustrations featured in Japanese anime, as doe-eyed inspo. "The doe-eyed look has always been on trend for me and can be morphed into several different styles depending on your personality and mood," says Baker.

Here are five easy steps for creating the dreamiest doe eyes.

Step One: Prime Your Eyes

Doe eyes are all about softness, from rounded angles to a diffused finish. The best way to ensure that your chosen products lay as perfectly as possible is by starting off with a smoothing eye primer. Baker reaches for her own Bakeup Beauty Triple Eye Primer, which can be used on lids and beneath eyes, for this purpose. "It gives me that smooth, soft, bright veil of texture, perfecting skin and helping to create those soft, dreamy Bambi features." Make like Baker and press primer over lids for a hydrating base designed to keep your fawn-worthy look in place.

Step Two: Line the Lashes

An open eye is the basis of a doe eye, and liner smudged into the lash line helps lashes to appear more full. Brown (with shades deepening depending on your skin tone) is your best bet. "The more liner the better," says Baker. "Brown allows for this extra oomph of application as the tone reads so soft and dreamy on everyone." Apply liner along the bottom lash before using the ring finger to smudge and smear into your lash line. "Let it stay smudged and without harsh points — this is what this look is all about!" says Baker. And remember: No wings allowed.

Step Three: Shaping Shadow

Highlighting the lid in a tone-appropriate neutral lends well to the doe eyes look. While it is an optional step, the correct application can help to create the desired shape, rounding and raising the look of the lid. Rather than long and low, Inglessis recommends aiming round and high. "Highlight the lid with a lighter color like champagne or light peach," she suggests. "Next, use a softer muted brown to cut and create a crease in an oval, rounded way."

Step Four: Brighten the Waterline

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A simple illusion can help to widen the eye even further. "If you really want to add that extra punch, apply a beige eyeliner on the inside of your waterline to exaggerate the wide-eyed round shape," says Baker. "This is an ideal trick for cheating your eyes to look more open and bigger, especially if your eyes are almond-shaped." Baker keeps Le Crayon Khol by Chanel in Clair, which she calls "a universal" in her kit. "I like that it isn’t too white and looks natural in the waterline." (Note: This is also a great trick for those dealing with eternally tired eyes.)

Step Five: Finish With Mascara

Lashes are an essential step, and one that can be adjusted to mellow out or maximize drama. "If you have round eyes already, you can just finish with a couple of coats of brown mascara," says Baker. "This brown on brown keeps it feeling gentle and flattering and forgives if you haven’t perfected your liner smudging yet." For those with medium brunette to deep raven hues, Baker suggests switching brown mascara for a bold, inky black.

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