Doctors remove ring from toddler’s throat after two year old swallowed mother’s jewellery

A mother lost her gold ring only for doctors to then find it lodged in her toddler son’s throat.

The two-year-old child complained he had a pain his mouth when his mother tried to feed him. The boy - named only as Adam - was taken to a nearby medical centre, where doctors then found the missing ring in the child’s oesophagus.

However, medics were unable to remove the ring, which showed up on X-rays, and organised for the child to be transferred to a hospital.

The toddler was subsequently taken to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, where specialists carefully remove the ring after administering anaesthesia.

Luckily for the youngster, the ring lodged in the proximal oesophagus and did not pose a choking threat.

However, because the foreign object could cause oesophageal perforation, doctors rushed him into the operating theatre to remove the object.

After the operation, the toddler started to eat normally again and was soon allowed to return to his home in the Shuafat area of East Jerusalem.

Dr Anat Dinur, chief physician of the otolaryngology division, said: “He alerted his parents that he had swallowed the ring and prompt treatment prevented irreversible damage to the oesophagus.”

 (Jam Press)
(Jam Press)

The boy’s father Muhammad said: “We applaud the Shaare Zedek team for the prompt and attentive care that helped preserve his life. After the intervention, Adam soon returned to eating and smiling.

“This incident reminded us to be careful and take care of our little ones.”

Dr Dinur also took the opportunity to remind parents that swallowing button batteries - often found in children’s toys - is one of the biggest threats to small children.

If not immediately removed, the battery can close an electric circuit and cause damage to surrounding tissues, leading to ulceration, excessive swelling and even perforation.