Doctor Removes Live Fish From Throat of Egyptian Fisherman

An Egyptian fisherman was taken to a hospital in the Beni Suef Governorate after nearly suffocating on a live fish on November 7.

The fisherman, 40, was transported to the Beni Suef Specialized Hospital where the staff was able to extract the live fish that was stuck at the entrance of the man’s trachea, according to reports. The fish left a small space that allowed some air to pass through, which kept the man stable enough to reach the hospital.

According to reports, the man caught the fish and discovered another fish next to it. While preparing to catch the second fish, he put the first fish in his mouth to hold. The fish then managed to jump into the fisherman’s mouth, where it got stuck in his windpipe.

After the fish was extracted, the patient was placed in the intensive care unit for medical observation, according to the same reports. Credit: Michael Ibrahim Bouls via Storyful