Doctor Who’s Millie Gibson: Haunting ’73 Yards’ Episode ‘Was the Very First Script I Read’ — Grade It!

Millie Gibson this weekend offered her heartfelt thoughts on the Doctor Who episode that stirred opinions in fans of the long-running sci-fi franchise.

The “fifth” episode (including “The Church on Ruby Road”) of “Season 1” (or Season 14) opened with the Doctor (played by Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Gibson) setting foot in Wales, immediately after which the former accidentally stepped his foot on a fairy circle comprised of string, charms and notes. Witchcraft ensued, abruptly disappearing the Doctor and leaving Ruby tethered to a mysterious and spooky af old woman who always stood exactly 73 yards away.

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Anyone attempting to approach said woman first glanced back at Ruby, then near-instantly ran away in horror.

After exerting considerable effort to shake this entity, Ruby eventually came to realize — decades later — that she was to use/strategically position this 73-yards-away woman to thwart the rise to power of a nukes-happy politician. More decades later, a senior, bed-ridden Ruby came face-to-face with the woman, who turned out to be… Ruby herself! We were then transported back to her and the Doctor’s arrival in Wales, where Ruby this time knew to make sure the fairy circle remained unbothered.

On Instagram, Gibson shared that “73 Yards” had been “the very first script I read for our series of Doctor Who. I remember closing it and re reading it again straight away. It has such a special place in my heart; I didn’t know Ruby, I didn’t know what her story was going to entail, and I didn’t know anyone at Doctor who either.

“During filming this episode, I experienced everything for the first time that Ruby was experiencing too,” she continued. In turn, “I grew and learnt so much as an actress and as a person. When I watch this episode, I feel such a sense of fulfillment and joy. This particular journey has been very nostalgic to see back and I am just so happy to have accomplished 73 Yards.”

Gibson then gave props to Dylan Holmes Williams “for directing such a beautiful story,” and to showrunner Russell T Davies “for giving me such a captivating script to bring to life.”

Gibson also shared a few BTS photos, including a close-up of her lanyard as a volunteer for the Roger ap Gwilliam campaign and a snapshot of the hair and makeup tests for Ruby as seen the passage of decades, from age 20 to 41. (Amanda Walker portrayed Ruby during her years as a senior adult.)

Doctor Who leading man Gatwa commented on Gibson’s post with a simple “My superstar 💫.”

What did you think of “73 Yards,” though? Instantly iconic or, as some have groused, too little Doctor? Vote in our poll and weigh in below!

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