DNC to fly plane banner around Las Vegas attacking Trump on abortion record during rally

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) plans to fly a plane banner around Las Vegas attacking former President Trump over reproductive rights while he is holding a rally in the city.

The DNC will fly a banner that reads “Donald Trump: Ban Abortion, Punish Women” for a few hours on Saturday during Trump’s rally, the committee first told The Hill.

Trump is set to rally at the Big League Dreams Las Vegas at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

“Nevadans have not forgotten how Donald Trump spent four years in office clearing the path for MAGA Republicans’ extreme abortion bans that have created a horrifying reality for women across the country,” DNC national press secretary Sarafina Chitika said in a statement. “No president ever did more to rip away freedoms from American women than Trump – and now he wants to go even further by banning abortion nationwide.”

President Biden has also directly blamed Trump, his likely general election opponent, for his hand in the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. In his first campaign rally of the year this week, the president highlighted that Democrats are hopeful abortion rights will help motivate female voters.

Nevada, a pivotal state in 2024, will hold both a caucus and primary on Feb. 8 and 6, respectively, after a protracted legal battle between the state and the Nevada Republican Party. Trump plans to run in the Feb. 8 caucuses while Republican Nikki Haley will run in the Feb. 6 primary.

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo (R) is set to endorse Trump, after saying in September that he would not make an endorsement in the presidential primary. Trump goes into Nevada coming off of wins in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

After New Hampshire, where Biden also won, the Biden campaign officially shifted its focus to the general election with the expectation that 2024 will be a 2020 rematch against Trump.

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