Djokovic empathizes and supports 'brave' Osaka

Prior to this year's Roland Garros, the 23-year-old announced that she intended to refrain from doing interviews to 'protect her mental health'.

Osaka then felt it neccessary to walk out of the tournament completely after the tournament officials threatened her with expulsion should she had continued to avoid the media, having skipped the press call following her first round straights set win on Monday.

Despite recognising the role of the media in connecting sport stars with supporters, Djokovic described Osaka's actions as 'brave' in addressing the mental issues the Japanese is encountering.

"Look, I can understand her very well, and I empathize with her, because I was on the wrong edge of the sword in my career many times with media. I know how it feels. I support her. I think she was very brave to do that," he said.