DIY sissy squat machine (leg extension alternative)

This DIY sissy squat machine will isolate the quads and it’s also a leg extension machine alternative. Best part is you’ll only need a heavy duty resistance. These bands cost around $25. No need for a bulky sissy squat or leg extension machine. A sissy squat machine is at least $100+. A leg extension machine is at least $150+. With this DIY home gym hack, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also save precious space. ===== DIY Sissy Squat Machine Set Up ===== Fold the heavy duty resistance band in half and wrap it around a sturdy anchor. Make sure the anchor post is secured to the floor or wall. Insert each leg into the loops at the end of the band. ===== Sissy Squat Exercise ===== Step back to create resistance in the band. Keep your spine straight (shoulders over hips). Squat down and come back up squeezing the quads.