DIY Dinner: Boy Stages At-Home Hardware Store 'Sausage Sizzle' During Sydney Shutdown

With the weekend “sausage sizzles” at Australian hardware chain Bunnings cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, a four-year-old Sydney boy staged his own at-home stall to make up for the absence.

Katherine Colgan filmed this video of her son, Ted, wearing a green Bunnings apron and welcoming customers to his stand, complete with hand-drawn sign.

The video goes on to show Ted grabbing one sausage and carefully wrapping it in a slice a bread before handing it over. Colgan told Storyful that Ted was upset because he hadn’t been able to attend the regular Bunnings “sausage sizzles” – the Australian slang for barbecuing sausages and serving them on bread – for weeks. Credit: Katherine Colgan via Storyful