You Can DIY Decorative Christmas-Themed Lollipops Using This Pool Noodle Trick

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @louisianawoman1/TikTok
Photo credit: @louisianawoman1/TikTok

From House Beautiful

Now that Halloween is over, it’s basically already Christmas–as Mariah Carey herself has declared it. That means it’s about time to start making festive DIY decor. One TikToker shared a project that involves making decorative Christmas-themed lollipops out of pool noodles, and you’ll want to recreate it for your holiday display this season.

TikToker @louisianawoman1 shared a video of the DIY she first saw someone try on YouTube. To make one giant lollipop, you’ll need two pool noodles of the same color, colored tape, a stake, hot glue gun, plastic wrap, and ribbon. First, you’ll need to glue the two pool noodles together so that they make a long one. Then you need to wrap your colored tape around the whole thing to make a candy cane–like design. When your hot glue gun is all heated up, use it to roll the long pool noodle into a circle. Using a knife, carve a hole in the bottom of the lollipop shape for the stake. Use more hot glue to attach the stake. Finally, wrap the lollipop in plastic, and tie it with a festive bow to complete the look.

This DIY is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a project that’ll take too long or be too messy. It’s especially nifty if you already have a few pool noodles laying around that you don’t plan on using next summer. If you’re looking for other holiday DIYs, you can also find a tutorial for making giant ornaments on the TikToker’s page.

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