Divers in Australia free manta ray entangled in fishing line after it approached them

A manta ray entangled in a fishing line approached a group of divers off the coast of Lady Elliot Island, Australia, and waited to be set free.

Filmed on February 26, the footage shows the large ray glide over to the divers before appearing to stay still and let them untangle the netting around its body.

Matt Boyd, who filmed part of this encounter, said: "The line had wrapped around its body lengthwise three times and was cutting into the flesh. In some areas, it had started to heal over trapping the line. More fishing line was being dragged behind her.

"Andy our dive instructor was the first to get to her and started to cut away the line. It was incredible to see this massive and majestic creature ask for help and trust us.

"Even when it was obviously painful she quickly settled back down to let Andy finish freeing her. We were incredibly lucky to have 3 GoPros running to capture the whole event."

Manta rays are considered "threatened" by the National Marine Fisheries Service under the Endangered Species Act.