Father of two begs restaurant for food, cries after kind gesture

TikTok video went viral, restaurant owner declines offer from father to pay back for food

Screengrab of father receiving food from stall owner (Photos: shafiqrazak46/TikTok)
Screengrab of father receiving food from stall owner (Photos: shafiqrazak46/TikTok)

MALAYSIA — A TikTok video showing a father in Kajang, Selangor begging a restaurant for food to feed his two children went viral after it was posted last Tuesday (7 March).

According to the video's caption, the man had done so because his children had not eaten. The restaurant owner, Muhammad Shafiq Razak, was not on site, but he was informed by his workers about the situation and subsequently monitored CCTV cameras connected to his phone to gain clarity.

According to mStar, Shafiq later instructed his staff to prepare two full sets of his restaurant’s signature dishes with extra rice for the man after learning of his plight.

After receiving the food, the man burst into tears out of gratefulness and thanked the workers profusely. The workers also gave him an extra bottle of mineral water before he left.

The video was posted by Shafiq himself and has since accumulated over 1.5 million views and close to 80,000 likes.

Restaurant decline man's offer to pay back for kind gesture

It was later discovered that the man had offered to return and pay the restaurant back when he had the money, but his offer was declined. Restaurant staff instead asked the man to pray for smooth operations and for the business to prosper.

In an interview with mStar, Shafiq revealed that he had not seen the man again and was accustomed to such encounters since the restaurant opened two years ago. He added that homeless people tend to sleep behind the restaurant and that it was not his first encounter with individuals in similar positions who had walked in asking for food.

Shafiq wrapped up the interview by collectively calling the public to help ease the burdens of those going through hard times.

“As long as you don’t resort to stealing, it’s alright, brother. It’s on us!”

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