Display by Shirtless Egyptian Police Graduates Goes Viral

Footage of Egyptian police graduates participating in an October 15 graduation ceremony that involved numerous feats of strength and athleticism has received widespread attention on Twitter.

A video shared by the Twitter account @EgyProjects showing moments from the ceremony had been viewed almost 270,000 times by October 19.

While some commenters praised the graduates for their prowess, others mocked the display.

One commenter compared the graduates to the green pigs from the game Angry Birds. Another commented, “It’s the gay circus!”

The event attracted international media attention, with the UK tabloid the Daily Star dubbing it as “bizarre”.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who was in attendance, congratulated the graduates and presented them with medals.

This video, released via the Egyptian presidency, shows the graduates performing a variety of stunts. Credit: Presidency of Egypt via Storyful