Displaced Syrians weather another harsh winter

Living in tents, the camp's residents who were displaced during Syria's civil war have used stones to secure the structures to keep water from coming in.

"At 3am or 4am at night, everyone is asleep, apart from us in the north of Syria," said Mustafa Mahmoud Al-Ahmad, the director and resident of Al-Amin camp.

"How are you supposed to protect your children? Where are you supposed to put them, to keep them warm with this water?" he said.

People laid stones across the deepest puddles, creating a footpath so residents could make their way across the camp.

Sheltering from the cold, Khaled Muhammad Al-Hamadin and his family gathered around a fire stove to keep warm.

"Honestly, the winter is difficult, my family and I are living in a tent," said Al-Hamadin, who was displaced from Aleppo during the civil war.

"All night it rains. The ground is all mud and we don't have much. It's in God's hands."

Syria's civil war has killed hundreds of thousands of people, forced millions to flee in the worst refugee crisis since World War Two and embroiled regional and world powers.

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