‘Disowned’: TikToker horrifies viewers by covering parents’ kitchen in peanut butter

A TikTok influencer known for his viral pranks has divided fans with his latest practical joke, with some outraged on his parents’ behalf.

Corbin Millet, 19, from Pennsylvania, goes by the username @corbinnmillet on TikTok, where he has 190,000 followers, and where he frequently shares videos showing him pranking his parents.

However, viewers claimed that Millet should be “disowned” after his latest viral prank, which saw him covering his mom and dad’s entire kitchen in peanut butter.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 39 million times, Millet began by showing a look at his parents’ kitchen pre-peanut butter. “Covering my parents’ kitchen in peanut butter,” the 19 year old wrote in a text caption on the video.

The TikToker then showed footage of the “after,” which saw nearly every surface of the kitchen, including the cabinets, oven, counters, microwave, coffee maker and lamps, smeared with peanut butter.

“All peanut butter was eaten by doggies,” Millet wrote in the caption of the video.

The viral video, which has also been circulated on Twitter, has sparked a debate among viewers, with many horrified by the prank.

“My jaw literally dropped,” one person revealed, while another viewer said: “I don’t care if there’s plastic wrap [underneath], I would change the locks and get a restraining order over this.”

“Not even my kitchen and I’m already mad,” someone else wrote.


All peanut butter was eatin by doggies🐕

♬ Who Am I (What’s My Name?) - Snoop Dogg

According to one viewer, the video was another “reason to not have kids,” while someone else suggested Millet should be “grounded for life”.

Others pointed out that, in addition to being difficult to clean, the peanut butter may lead to ants. “You’re going to have a HUGE ant problem,” one person claimed, while someone else asked: “Was the swarm of 1,000 ants worth it?”

In addition to alarm over the prank, others criticised Millet for the overwhelming food waste required to carry out the stunt.

“Bro wasted so much peanut butter,” one person pointed out, while another viewer said: “The amount of food wasted.”

In a follow-up video, Millet shared his father’s understandably outraged reaction to the prank.

“Corbin! You sick f**k! We’re going to get ants,” Millet captured his father yelling as he stormed up the stairs after his son.

“It was at this moment that he knew,” Millet captioned the video of his father’s reaction, which has been viewed an additional 14 million times.

According to viewers, the reaction was not surprising, with one person claiming the screaming was “deserved”.

“How are you not kicked out of the house?” someone else asked.

According to Millet, he carried out the prank in question in August, and had originally posted it to his former TikTok account, which has since been banned.

As for how long it took him to carry out the stunt, and how much peanut butter it required, he told the New York Post it took him seven hours and 28lbs of peanut butter. It then took him an additional three to four hours to clean up the mess.

While speaking to the outlet, Millet also reflected on his mother’s reaction, with the teenager revealing she’d been “pissed and left” after finding her kitchen covered in peanut butter.

However, according to Millet, this isn’t the first time his parents have been upset by one of his social media pranks, as he told The Post that he’s been “kicked out a couple of times”.

However, the teen said his parents have come around slightly since learning how popular his videos are on social media.

As for how he feels about those “hating” on him over the prank, Millet pointed out that the videos are clearly liked by some, or he wouldn’t get as many views as he does.

The Independent has contacted Millet for comment.