Official claims Disneyland is coming to Malaysia in 2027

UPDATE: There have been recent developments and reasons to suspect that this might not be true. CNN journalist Heather Chen said on Twitter that she had spoken to a Disney official who confirmed there is “no such plan underway in Malacca”.

Save your dream and money of visiting Disneyland in another country because the world’s most famous theme park is coming to Malaysia instead.

Here in Jasin, Melaka, 80.9 acres of land will be developed by the year 2027 into a Disneyland theme park and Disney City.

It is anticipated to be Southeast Asia’s largest theme park of its kind.

Muhammad Jailani Khamis, head of the State Heritage and Culture Committee, proudly claimed that the theme park will be the first in Southeast Asia, following China, Europe, and Japan.

According to Melaka Hari Ini, the construction will cost around RM2 billion.

“After more than 20 years, we will have our very own new theme park and even though it might not be so large I feel that it will be more than enough to live up to the Disneyland name which is an achievement and feat in itself to be brought to our shores.

“The theme park will improve and further add to our goal to achieve the target of 20 million tourists in a span of just three years and return to the original landmark of 18.7 million tourists that we manage to attract back in 2019.

“Disneyland has been in the planning, and we are looking into the possibility of it being in the district of Jasin. We cannot reveal the exact location just yet, but the size of the project, the theme park is expected to be between 150 and 200 acres (6.7 to 80.9ha),” Melaka Hari Ini reported him as saying.