Disney’s Iridescent ‘Hocus Pocus’ Mug Is Complete With a Broomstick Spoon for Witchy Sipping

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Photo credit: Disney
Photo credit: Disney

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Picture it: It’s October, you’ve just put on a fresh pair of fuzzy socks, and you’re making a cup of pumpkin spice coffee. It’s time to watch Hocus Pocus for the millionth time and you need a festive mug to sip from. Here comes Disney’s spooky mug that was inspired by the 1993 film. Don’t you just love Halloween?

The mug has to be Sanderson sister-approved since it’s in the shape of a cauldron. It has an iridescent design with a high-gloss finish and gold lettering that says “Hocus Pocus” on one side and “It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus” on the other. To complete the set, the mug comes with a wooden broomstick-inspired spoon so you can stir up trouble (and your pumpkin coffee or tea) in style.

After first being released in 2020 (and selling out rather quickly), the Hocus Pocus Mug and Spoon Set is back in stock on shopDisney for $19.99. The mug holds 12 ounces and, even with the detailing, is dishwasher and microwave safe. Since it’s available to ship right away, you can order it now so you’re guaranteed to have it in your hands when Hocus Pocus airs on TV for the first time of the season.

Now all we need is for the weather to get onboard with our whole fall vibe. Then, it’s on to sweaters, more Halloween décor, and even more excitement for the spooky season!

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