Dismissed Trump Juror Says Former President Not As 'Orange' As Expected

A woman dismissed from serving on the juror for Donald Trump’shush money trial subtly shaded the former president’s skin tone to MSNBC.

The potential juror, identified as “Kat,” was one of many who were dismissed from serving after declaring they couldn’t be impartial.

However, Kat gave some colorful comments to Yasmin Vossoughian on what the former president looked like from just six feet away.

“You know, he looked less orange, definitely, like, more yellowish, like yellow,” Kat said. “He looks ― he doesn’t look angry or ― I think he looks bored. Like, he wants this to finish. And go do his stuff.”

It was quite a moment for Kat, who said this was the first time she was called to be a juror after getting U.S. citizenship last August.

You can see the exchange below.

Of course, many people had shady comments about Trump’s hue as well.

You can see the full interview below.