'Disgusted' climate activists protest in Paris

STORY: While the cost of living is the top election theme, energy policies are closely linked to that, and incumbent Emmanuel Macron and his far-right challenger Marine Le Pen have put forward very different policies on the renewables sector in particular.

"We're rising up against the far right, whose values are violent and are unacceptable for us, and against a candidate who for five years cast the ecology issue aside and lied," Lou, 26, a history teacher, who joined the Extinction Rebellion movement two years ago told Reuters.

Hundreds of people gathered in Paris' 9th district brandishing banners targeting the candidates, chanting slogans such as "their inaction leads to our rebellion."

Just eight days ahead of a runoff that will determine who will lead the European Union's second-largest economy for the next five years, polls show the centrist president is slightly ahead of his far-right rival, but the contest promises to be tight.

"I feel disgusted, betrayed, afraid. I'm extremely afraid. I'm overwhelmed by the future being proposed to us. But I still have hope because I think we can still really create alternatives," Lou said.

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