'Disgusted' Ana Navarro slams Democrat 'divas' urging Joe Biden to drop out: 'Call the f---ing White House'

'Disgusted' Ana Navarro slams Democrat 'divas' urging Joe Biden to drop out: 'Call the f---ing White House'

Navarro passionately defended Biden after sustained calls — including from her "View" cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin — for him to leave the presidential race.

While taking a little time to enjoy the view from her Gulf Coast vacation spot, The View cohost Ana Navarro admittedly isn't enjoying political discourse surrounding Joe Biden's fitness to remain in the presidential race.

The Republican panelist posted an impassioned video Tuesday via Instagram, showing her taking a break from her beachside trip to address the ongoing Democratic infighting over Biden and his ability to continue running for president following his poorly received performance during the June 27 debate against Donald Trump.

Navarro began the sun-kissed clip by telling her followers she was "pissed off" watching a CNN report on Democratic voices calling for Biden's removal from the race. A recent New York Times report alleges a Biden ally said that the president indicated he was weighing his options for going forward.

"Our airwaves are full of pundits and former democratic elected officials and one elected official and donors, whatever, anonymous sources talking to other outlets, calling on Joe Biden to step down," Navarro said. "Okay, you want Joe Biden to step down? That’s fair. But, you know what? The guy has served our country his entire lifetime, since he was 28 years old, so I think he’s earned the right to a little respect. You want him to step down? Why don’t you call the f---ing White House? Why don’t you call the campaign? Why don’t you call the DNC? Call the head donor guy.”

The 52-year-old turned her focus to criticize those who seek out TV appearances "to be relevant for five minutes" for voicing their opinions on Biden.

Navarro likened the drama to a "telenovela in public," while also slamming Republicans for "laughing as Democrats eat their own and go through a circular firing squad" that's harming the party's overall health.

<p>ABC; Getty</p> Ana Navarro and Joe Biden

ABC; Getty

Ana Navarro and Joe Biden

"Republicans have no qualms, zero, about getting in line behind a guy who’s a convicted felon," she said. "Joe Biden, we’re all talking about whether he’s go the mental acuity, and nobody’s talking about whether the other guy is morally fit to serve — because it’s not an if, the answer is no. Democrats, instead of giving this president a little respect, they go straight to the media to be divas and get a little star time. I’m disgusted."

Navarro's post came the same day that her View cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin — with whom Navarro has regularly clashed in the past — publicly called for Biden to do a live press conference specifically to prove his "mental acuity" at age 81. Otherwise, Griffin said, it would be "malpractice" on his campaign's part.

The day after the debate, Navarro and Griffin's reactions also differed on The View, with Griffin and Sara Haines calling for Biden to step down, while Navarro praised Biden's accomplishments.

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"Until Joe Biden tells me he's giving up, I'm not giving up on Joe Biden. To me, the binary choice remains the same. He looked elderly yesterday, he sounded elderly, he is elderly, but the choice is no different. It's a very old man versus a very bad man," Navarro said at the time. "I'm not going to judge Joe Biden on 90 bad minutes, I'm going to judge Joe Biden on his lifetime career of putting this country first."

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that Biden would not drop out of the race, and again reiterated that the president performed poorly during the debate due to a cold.

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