Disgraced HK actress Jacqueline Wong returns with new TVB series

Sylvia Looi
Wong (second from left) will be making a comeback after TVB agreed to air a TV series, featuring the actress, that had been kept in cold storage. — Picture via Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 12 — Disgraced actress Jacqueline Wong may be making a comeback to acting.

Hong Kong’s TVB will be releasing a new series featuring Wong that has been in cold storage since her kissing scandal with actor and singer Andy Hui in April, reported Oriental Daily.

The series — Finding Her Voice — was initially shelved due to backlash from fans.

The 30-episode series will be one of TVB’s special anniversary series and will be aired from Oct 7, though the actress herself may not be part of promotional activities.

Producer Huang Weisheng said that he could not even locate Wong who has since been keeping a low profile.

“The company did not say she was needed in promotional activities but I did WhatsApp her to inform her that the series will go on air but she did not reply.”

He said he had received confirmation last week that the show would be screening and confirmed that none of Wong’s scenes in the series were removed as planned earlier.

It was previously reported that the 30-year-old Wong had fled to the United States after the scandal had blown up.

Shortly after a video showing the two kissing and cuddling in the backseat of a car went viral, Hui hosted a press conference where he broke down in tears and apologised for his behaviour.

His wife, Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng later posted a statement on Instagram saying she forgave him and that it was “an important lesson” in their marriage, while Wong’s ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma has since announced their break-up and called Jacqueline “a friend.”

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