Disgraced Australian policeman facing drug charges now a porn star

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A former Australian policeman facing a string of drug related charges has embarked on a career as a pornstar. ― AFP pic
A former Australian policeman facing a string of drug related charges has embarked on a career as a pornstar. ― AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 ― A former Australian policeman facing a string of drug-related charges has embarked on a new career as a porn star on OnlyFans.

Former Gold Coast senior constable Zachary Samuel Maidment is currently on bail after being charged with possession and supply of cocaine.

ABC News reported that the 29-year-old Maidment would be acting along-side his former fiancee, Playboy cover girl Tyana Hansen.

Speaking to the station, Hansen said they had made “five figures” from their content in the past 24 hours, but would have to give 20 per cent to the website.

She said she had been using the website herself for about a year but was pleased to share the platform with her ex-partner.

“I've done this to have financial freedom and it's been a good opportunity to not have a boss and work for myself,” she said.

“With this (account) having just launched, for him to have the opportunity too It's been nice to share that together.

“When Zac was in the police, they controlled every aspect of his life, including what he posted to social media. So, doing this is a chance for both of us to be ourselves.”

Maidment has been accused of snorting cocaine off Hansen's breasts during his birthday party at Star Casino on June 27, 2020.

He is facing two counts of possessing a dangerous drug, two counts of supplying a dangerous drug, two counts of possessing property suspected of being used in connection with a drug offence.

Maidment has also been charged with one count of permitting the use of a place and one count of possessing anything suspected of being used in the commission of a crime.

He is due to face the Southport Magistrates Court on August 10.

OnlyFans is a subscription site that enables content creators to monetise their influence.

The platform allows creators to upload their content behind a paywall, which can be accessed by their fans for a monthly fee and one-off tips.

While known to be popular with sex workers, the site has grown in popularity during the coronavirus lockdown, and it’s quickly become a source of income for careers like writers, fitness trainers and chefs, who upload images and videos, and interact with their fans via direct messages.

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