Discover your Jumanji travel avatar and win trips to Dubai, Switzerland, Japan and Phuket

Mark Ryan Raj
If you’re itching for a new adventure but have no idea where to go, then you might want to take Klook’s new personality test that takes you on a holiday based on your character. — Picture from

PETALING JAYA, Dec 6 — In every group of travellers, there are bound to be different personalities — from those who are sticklers for details to those  who just want to go with the flow. 

If you’re wondering which one you are, then you might want to try Klook’s new, Jumanji-inspired, traveller personality test to find out. 

Klook is the official travel partner of the newest instalment of the Jumanji movie series, Jumanji: The Next Level, and it’s looking for travellers from around the world to follow in the footsteps of the cast and brave places unknown and unexplored to them.

Inspired by the adventures in the latest film released locally yesterday, Klook encourages all travel enthusiasts to take the test and discover their Jumanji travel avatar.

By taking the test, travellers stand a chance to win a trip for two to destinations like Dubai, Japan, Switzerland and Phuket, based on their personality and travel avatar.

The Planner

If you love to take the lead and assume control during a trip, you might be something like Dr Smoulder Bravestone. — Picture courtesy of Klook

If you’re the type who plans every little detail, lead the way and take charge during a trip then your avatar might just be Dr Smoulder Bravestone, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Dr Bravestone is not one to shy away from taking the lead and often makes decisions during adventures with confidence, pulling his friends out of trouble in the process. 

That’s exactly what meticulous travel planners are like, as they are always focused on completing the items in their checklist to maximise their holiday experience.

If you’re lucky enough to get him as your avatar, thanks to your perfectionist nature, then you stand a chance to win a trip to the sunny and glamorous city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and you’ll enjoy a fun trip filled with detailed itineraries and packed schedules to keep the planner in you busy.

The Resourceful Traveller

Knowing what to do, where to eat and where to visit is an important trait in any traveller. — Picture courtesy of Klook

You’re the one who seems to know your way around and is able to adapt to any situation you’re put in. 

You understand everything about your adventure and are often the “intuitive” one that your friends can count on, just like Jack Black’s character in Jumanji, Professor Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon. 

Shelly is the most resourceful and intelligent character in the movie and uses his knowledge and wit as he advises his friends on what to eat, places to visit and things to do when on an adventure. 

If all that sounds familiar to you, then you might just get the opportunity to travel to the beautiful country of Switzerland, where knowing your way around is a very useful trait. 

Whether it be traversing through the snowy mountains, revelling in olden architecture or enjoying the lush fields of green, if you’re anything like Shelly, then you’re definitely the friend to depend on.

The Adventurer

Being an adventurer means that you love new experiences and relish the chance to do something different, just like Ruby Roundhouse. — Picture courtesy of Klook

If you’re not one to shy away from new experiences, challenges and cultures, and just so happen to have always wanted to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, then you might be hoping you are an adventurer like Ruby Roundhouse. 

Played by Karen Gillan, Roundhouse is the epitome of a true adventure seeker as she attempts to “seize the day” in every adventure she goes on. 

So if you’re the type that is constantly itching for a new adventure, and likes to make new discoveries and learn new things every day during a holiday, then what better place to go to than Japan?

The Mouse

If staying in and relaxing is more of your forte, then having a similar personality to Franklin ‘Mouse’ Finbar isn’t that bad. — Picture courtesy of Klook

Based on Kevin Hart’s character in the film, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, you’re the type of traveller who prefers to stay away from all things too rustic or adventurous. 

Finbar is always prepared for any sticky situation, but would definitely wish not to be in such a situation in the first place as he would rather be seen chilling and relaxing instead of being vulnerable. 

Although he is not the most macho or heroic character in the film, if your personality is anything like him, you stand a chance to visit the sunny beaches and crystal clear waters of Phuket in Thailand. 

So if you fancy a day relaxing by the beach you’d better try to be timid like Finbar.

Klook’s personality test contest will run from November 27 to December 31 this year and is set to reward four lucky winners, who will be contacted via e-mail.

On top of that, you’ll also unlock a special promo code that gets you RM50 off, with a minimum spend of RM500 on your next adventure.

So don’t just wait around, go to to take Klook’s personality test and find out more on how you could win a travel experience of a lifetime.

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