Disabled student plays harp with her eyes

With only the shift of her eyes this student with cerebral palsy

who cannot use her hands, is playing the harp

“Eyeharp” is a program that uses digital eye-tracking technology

to manipulate the stringed instrument

creating a way for students like Alexandra to play

(SOUNDBITE) (Greek) EYEHARP STUDENT ALEXANDRA KERLIDOU, AGED 21, SAYING: "I felt strange, I had never imagined such a thing."

(SOUNDBITE) (Greek) ALEXANDRA'S FATHER ANASTASIOS KERLIDIS SAYING: "I cried, her mother too, its emotional, and our friends when they found out, they were (emotional), you impulsively shed a tear from the joy."

The Eyeharp creator has taught the program in special-needs schools

and says more than 2,000 people have downloaded the program

(SOUNDBITE) (Greek) EYEHARP CREATOR ZACHARIAS VAMVAKOUSIS SAYING: "There are so many new possibilities that technology gives us, one of these is playing music with the eyes, without doing it digitally this would never be possible to play in real time music it takes away the actual action of strumming a cord."

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