Diplo says he’s ‘not not gay’ as he opens up about sexuality

Diplo has opened up about his sexuality and explained why he feels like he’s “not, not gay”.

The 44-year-old spoke candidly about his dating life and sexual identity on Tuesday’s episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, High Low with EmRata. After the model noted that he’s been in multiple relationships with women, Diplo revealed that he doesn’t have a set definition to describe his sexuality.

“I don’t want to define that I’m gay but I think the best answer that I have is I’m not, not gay,” he said.

He said that, while there’s “a couple guys” that he could date or see as his “life partner,” he’s “not really aroused by men”. However, Diplo then explained that he’s had sexual experiences with men before.

“I’m sure I’ve gotten [oral sex] from a guy before,” the music producer said. “For sure, 100 per cent”.

When Ratajkowski asked him if he had a “specific memory” of this, he said no and continued to explain that he’s received “a lot of [oral sex]” before. However, he also specified that he thought that “[oral sex from a man] was not that gay”.

Diplo continued to explain that someone’s gender doesn’t determine if he’s interested in them or not.

“I’m more of a vibe guy,” he said. “Like men that are younger than me, I meet a lot in the scene, like they’re very fluid.”

Earlier in the episode, as the pair were in the midst of talking about TikTok,the Gone Girl star recalled how Diplo had told her that he “was a little gay”. He then directed the conversation back towards social media, before specifying that he’s enjoyed watching men chopping wood on the app.

“Wood chopping guy is kinda sexy,” the musician, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, said. “I don’t know if that’s the thing that’s gonna send me over to the gay side completely, but they’re pretty hot guys.”

After Diplo explained that he frequently sees videos on TikTok of men chopping wood, Ratajkowski jokingly claimed that this could be because the app “tells you who you are” and “what you like”.

This isn’t the first time Diplo has shared his thoughts about identity. In 2019, he took to Twitter to respond to speculation about his sexuality, writing: “Masculinity is a prison.”

Over the years, Diplo has been in a few public relationships with women, as he dated British rapper M.I.A, whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, from 2003 to 2008. He briefly dated Katy Perry in 2014.

Diplo’s also a father of three, as he shares two children, Locket, 13, and Lazer, nine, with ex Kathryn Lockhart, and a two-year-old son, Pace, with model Jevon King.