Dior revisits 1950s fashion at Paris Fashion Week

STORY: Models on Tuesday (February 28) strode around a hulking, fantastical set parading familiar silhouettes – neat, short-sleeved button-up shirts paired with full skirts, bustier dresses, trim cardigans and cropped jackets – in somber colors and stylized floral prints.

Chiuri softened structured jackets and drew on fabrics woven with metal thread to give a new, creased texture to classically-cut dresses -- pushing styles into a sporty direction, for day wear.

Accessories including pearls, gloves and thick, black headbads, the tassles tied into bows.

Chiuri sought to add a Parisian flair to the styles of the period, which are often associated with American Hollywood productions.

Held on the second day of Paris Fashion Week, the show drew crowds of fans angling for a glimpse of Kpop singer Jisoo and actress Charlize Theron, who sat in the front row next to the Arnault clan.