Dinosaur Skeleton Known as 'Barry' Goes on Sale in Paris Auction

A 150 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, known as Barry, is set to be auctioned in Paris.

According to the Drouot auction center, the dinosaur is an adult specimen of Camptosauridae, a member of the family Iguanodontidae, one of the earliest groups of dinosaurs discovered.

The skeleton was discovered in the early 2000s in Wyoming, USA, by paleontologist Barry James, after whom it is named. It measured approximately five meters in length and stood at about two meters in height, constituting a uniquely complete and well-preserved specimen.

According to Drouot’s media release, the specimen comprises a very high percentage of original bone, with over 80% of the specimen being intact. The skull is exceptionally well-preserved as well, with over 90% of it remaining.

The auction is due to occur on Friday, October 20. Credit: Drouot / Giquello via Storyful

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