Dinosaur eggs dating back 10-million-years discovered in southern China

Dinosaur eggs dating back 10-million-years were discovered by a resident at a construction site in southern China. In the video, shot in the city of Maoming in Guangdong Province on July 12, several dinosaur eggs dating back 10-million-year ago were discovered and removed from a big red rock. According to the man who found the eggs, he and his friends dug the dinosaur eggs out of a red rock and every person took an egg back home as they did not know they were dinosaur egg fossils. There were over 10 dinosaur eggs in total. The associate researcher from the Institute of Paleoanthropology named Wang Qiang confirmed that they were dinosaur egg fossils. The local museum curator is trying to find and take the dinosaur eggs back from the man and his friends. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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