A new dinosaur is on display in Argentina


A new dinosaur has gone on display in Argentina

It roamed the Patagonia region some 70 million years ago

making it one of the last carnivorous dinosaurs to inhabit the earth

Location: Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, Buenos Aires

The fossils reveal a dinosaur that had blade-like claws

reached heights of 32 feet and weighed about five tons

Unlike the Tyrannosaurus rex, they were slimmer and built for speed

with long tails that allowed them to keep their balance

[Mauro Aranciaga, Palaeontologist]:

“Megaraptors were animals with agile skeletons and long tails which surely helped them to move and have a better equilibrium. They also had long necks and a long skull with over 60 small-pointed teeth. But their best weapon was their strong long arms, topped with long, curved and pointed blades that, in some cases, could measure up to 15.7 inches in length.”

The fossils were found in Santa Cruz Province in 2020

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