Dinner for Two: Parakeet Clings to Owner's Fork During Meal Time

A green-cheeked parakeet cheekily snagged grains of rice from its owner’s dinner while clinging to his fork, video shared on March 8 shows.

Connecticut resident Kristina Vallas captured footage of one of her pet parakeets, Cheeps, perched on the fork of her husband, Christopher. Cheeps is seen eating from Christopher’s food as he lowers his fork to his plate.

Speaking to Storyful, Vallas said it’s not the first time Cheeps, who turns 2 in July, has joined them for dinner. “Cheeps loves to eat whatever is on her papa’s plate and isn’t the least bit shy about it,” she said.

“Cheeps was our very first bird and is his absolute world. They do everything together,” she added. Credit: Kristina Vallas via Storyful

Video transcript