Digital Pound Foundation Launches to Push for UK CBDC

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A group of private sector professionals launched the Digital Pound Foundation, an organization that aims to promote the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for the U.K.

  • The foundation will conduct research about and advocate for a digital British pound, and get multiple stakeholders to work together to help design and roll out the currency, according to a Thursday press release.

  • Jeremy Wilson, former vice chairman of Barclays Investment Bank and a director at Nedbank Private Wealth International, will serve as chairman of the group.

  • Founding members and affiliates include consultancy Accenture, decentralized finance protocol Avalanche, blockchain developer Billon Group, IT and business consulting firm CGI Group, cryptocurrencies Electroneum and Quant and digital-payment service Ripple.

  • The Bank of England has set up two forums to explore the creation of a digital pound. Members, announced in September, include financial juggernauts such as HSBC, tech giants like Spotify and retailers such as Asos.

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