Did Tracker Tease (Another) Spinoff? Is FBI: International Liaison a Keeper? Saddest Death on The Chi? Weird Chicago Fire? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Tracker, The Chi, Law & Order: SVU, Young Sheldon and CSI: Vegas!

1 | If Doctor Who’s “space babies” are, well, babies, how are there the drawings of toddlers on the walls?

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Doctor Who
Doctor Who

2 | Did you think that S.W.A.T. was going to pull a Con Air and have the suspected kidnapper’s weapon go missing in the cold open, thus putting Hondo in a real legal bind?

3 | How in the world did Fire Country’s Manny manage to keep his job after punching his supervisor in the face?! Shouldn’t he have been suspended by CAL FIRE, at the very least?

4 | Does That ’90s Show’Season 2 trailer imply that That ’70s Show and its Netflix sequel series are apart of the View Askewniverse?

That '90s Show
That '90s Show

5 | Has a single episode of SNL ever had as many sketches where it’s just multiple cast members standing in front of a backdrop, reciting lines direct to camera? (There was Teacher PSA, Nurse Appreciation, Lanzetti’s Lawn Care….) Can we all agree that Maya Rudolph (aka “Mother“) deserved better? Also, wasn’t it a little odd that in her monologue, Rudolph never promoted or even mentioned Loot, her Apple TV+ comedy that’s currently streaming its second season? Finally, did the coffee sketch this week remind anyone else of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s “Daytona Wind” acting challenge?

6 | Remote, hidden DNA-hacking lab or not, wouldn’t the CSI: Vegas team have encountered some hint of security when sneaking in? Like, at least one locked door?

7 | Did Tracker just plant the seeds for a Jensen Ackles-led spinoff about Colter Shaw’s brother Russell working cases as a civilian contractor? (In addition to, of course, the Sofia Pernas-led offshoot we have pitched.)

8 | The Chi viewers: Who’s on your shortlist for the “sadness”-inducing big death of the season?

9 | Could this creepy performance on The Voice have just as easily been promoting LSD or waking nightmares as the movie IF?

The Voice
The Voice

10 | As badass as Imogen was in The Veil’s street ambush scene, do metal posts like the one she uses as a bludgeon really come out of concrete that easily?

11 | Given how Colin Donnell’s FBI: International character, NSA liaison Brian Lange, was introduced — in the midst of having a traumatic personal memory, and wearing nothing but thirst-trap briefs — is there any doubt whatsoever he is on track to become a series regular?

12 | Any FBI: Most Wanted fans recognize the “F Society” arcade from Mr. Robot?

13 | From the moment Will Trent’s Javi was shot and killed, did you fear Uncle Antonio wasn’t long for this world? How relieved were you not only that he survived the hour, but that he turned out to be one of the good guys, and that the show left the door open for Antonio’s eventual return?

14 | On The Good Doctor, wouldn’t Lim’s patient’s guitar have contaminated the OR and increased risk of infection with the patient’s brain exposed?

Good Doctor
Good Doctor

15 | We get The Conners not being able to afford featuring every cast member in every episode, but Katey Sagal’s Louise really should have been there when Dan went to the bank to finish paying off the house… right? And surely it would’ve made more sense to feature Jay R. Ferguson’s Ben over Sean Astin’s Tyler in an episode about stepson Mark’s academic future, would it not?

16 | On Abbott Elementary, were you surprised that Jacob spilled the news to Janine that Gregory has feelings for her and is planning to tell her? Shouldn’t have that been Gregory’s news to share?

17 | How weird was it to watch a Chicago Fire episode where half the cast was MIA? But wasn’t it nice to see Severide and Violet interacting more?

18 | Survivor fans: Will Q not playing his idol and getting voted out make Maria’s road to the end that much harder? ▼ And with just five players left in the game, who do you predict will sit in those final three seats?

19 | Any other Challenge: All Stars viewers wish the show would give Real World Miami legend Flora a much bigger edit?

20 | Given where they left off in Queen Charlotte — Violet Bridgerton hinting that she knows of Lady Danbury’s past affair with her father — weren’t you expecting more of an underlying tension between the pair in Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1? And in Episode 3, why didn’t Penelope move out of the way considering the ample time she had watching Colin and the others struggle to wrangle that unwieldy hot air balloon?

21 | Based on what the owl told Outer Range’s hallucinating Luke, are we to assume that he’ll have a huge part in BY9, trying to control (and possibly sell) the dark mineral? What does the color yellow have to do with anything? And does Motley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” relate somehow to all the other songs sung by Billy in Season 1?

22 | Wasn’t it a pleasant surprise to see Manifest’s Daryl Edwards presiding over the murder trial in Law & Order’s Season 23 finale?

Law & Order Daryl Edwards
Law & Order Daryl Edwards

23 | Were you surprised that Law & Order: SVU‘s Benson so easily gave up the necklace Stabler gifted her last season? And EO ‘shippers: In the context of Law & Order: Organized Crime‘s move to Peacock next season, did the Benson/Stabler call that ended the episode feel like a cooling of the potential relationship both shows have hyped for the past couple of years?

24 | Law & Order: Organized Crime’s OCCB team would greatly benefit from the permanent addition of computer genius Vargas and ATF agent Beck, right?

25 | Will there be a sadder television episode this year than Part 1 of Young Sheldon’s series finale, which took place almost entirely at George Sr.’s funeral? In Part 2, what surprised you more: How much we got of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as Sheldon and Amy, or that their banter translated perfectly from multi- to single-cam? And how many CBS viewers do we think understood Montana Jordan and Emily Osment discussing Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage switching from single- to multi-camera format — meaning it’ll be shot in front of a studio audience, like Big Bang Theory — in the 90-second teaser that the network aired during the series finale?

26 | How much harder was it to watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy now knowing that we’ll soon be losing Jake Borelli (Levi) and Midori Francis (Mika)? With budget cuts taking such a scalpel to the call sheet, what are the odds that Natalie Morales will be gone before Monica and Amelia so much as go on a date?

27 | How many Station 19 fans immediately started hoping that Vic’s potential move to D.C. to take Crisis One national would lead to a Barrett Doss-fronted spinoff?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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