Did the Packers get away with offsides on a Justin Fields interception?

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Justin Fields looked like Aaron Rodgers for a minute early in the Chicago Bears' Week 6 matchup with the Green Bay Packers.

With the Bears leading 7-0 and facing a third-and-7 at the Green Bay 47-yard line, Fields gave a nice hard count — and it appeared to work. Packers defensive tackle Kenny Clark clearly twitched and jumped into the neutral zone.

The ball was snapped. Fields threw deep, which is what quarterbacks do when they have a free play. This is the old Rodgers trick, something he's pulled off for years, including numerous times against the Bears in their many meetings.

But no flag was thrown. And the ball was intercepted in the end zone by Packers safety Darnell Savage.

Did the referees miss the call? You be the judge.

Slow it down, or watch it enough times, and it seems pretty clear that Clark couldn't get back onsides before the snap.

It ended up hurting the Bears. Rodgers got the ball back at his own 20 and engineered an 80-yard drive, converting a fourth-and-1 along the way to scoring a game-tying touchdown.

The Bears certainly can't be happy with the way this series played out.

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