Did Russia fire 'warning shots' at a UK navy ship?

There are conflicting reports over an incident involving Russian military forces and a British naval destroyer in the Black Sea on Tuesday (June 23).

Interfax news agency in Russia, quoting its defense ministry, says that a Russian ship fired warning shots at HMS Defender after it crossed into waters claimed by Russia, near Crimea and Russia's local navy headquarters.

The incident is even said to have involved a Russian military jet dropping bombs in the path of the British vessel, which left afterwards.

But the British government is telling a very different series of events.

Its defense ministry says that no warning shots were fired, there was no jet dropping bombs in the ship's path, and says the Russians had given prior warning to ships in the area that it was just doing weapons training that day.

HMS Defender was passing through on the way to Georgia, the UK says, and some Russian vessels did shadow it... which is normal.

Ukraine's foreign minister says the incident was evidence of Russia's, quote, "aggressive and provocative actions" in the area.

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