Did Procter & Gamble Just Blame Amy Schumer for the Tampon Shortage?

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Baby formula isn’t the only item in short supply right now. Turns out tampons are also incredibly hard to find. Is it a supply-chain issue? Or is it because Amy Schumer’s ads for Tampax are just so incredibly popular, as a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble told Time magazine.

The ads, starring Schumer as a friendly, helpful tampon supplier known to pop up in women’s bathrooms when someone is in need of feminine products, started airing in July 2020.

Reps for the “Life With Beth” star didn’t respond to TheWrap’s request for comment, nor did P&G.

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In P&G’s April earnings call CFO Andre Schulten said the company was having trouble sourcing raw materials for feminine care products, as well as having distribution issues.

According to CNBC, Schulten also laid out reasons why prices are up for other P&G products, including Tide detergent. “If we look at the current situation in the markets — the imbalance between supply and demand, geopolitical disruption, the need to disrupt supply chains, higher energy costs due to the war between Ukraine and Russia — all of those will continue to put pressure on the cost side,” Schulten said.

The company’s feminine and family-care divisions saw organic sales growth rise by 10% last quarter, which was due both to higher prices and market growth.

When P&G announced the campaign, VP Melissa Suk said: “When we chose to focus on tampon and period education, we knew Amy Schumer was a perfect fit because Amy doesn’t shy away from anything. Our goal is to make period and tampon conversations as normal as periods and the first step is getting people comfortable talking about them. We hope this partnership and our new, engaging ‘edu-tainment’ period and tampon content will encourage more people to laugh, talk and learn about them.”

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